Natural Gardening: The Best Ways To Kill Weeds

//Natural Gardening: The Best Ways To Kill Weeds

Weeds are unwanted plants, and they can take root in your garden or lawn. Nobody likes these unwanted plants, but they are a thing that every gardener puts up with, unfortunately. But that is not to say that you should let them take over your garden or backyard.

You can manage them mitigating their numbers to fewer numbers with each passing month or year until you have little to none left. In short, the best way of killing weeds is to stay on top of things; getting to them when they are small and tender before they flower and start dropping seeds. Taking such measures gives you a head start on snapping the life off of the next crop of weeds.

Below are some options that may prove useful:

1. Manual Labor – It can be the most effective weed killing approach there is that comes at no extra cost. You only need to get your hands dirty as you yank the weeds off the ground – roots and all. You may need a soil knife to help you dislodge the stubborn ones that have firm roots. You can as well use a diamond hoe to remove the weeds.

best way to kill weeds

2. Mulching – It is a weed management technique that involves the use of mulch to cover the planting areas to choke weeds. Mulching can be done in a garden that has weeds, and it will work in two ways – to kill the weeds and suppress new growths of the same unwanted plants. It will keep weeds seeds from dropping to the ground while also blocking the sunlight from reaching the sprouting weeds that are underneath. The mulch also helps with moisture retention and will eventually break down and enrich the soil.

best way to kill weeds

3. Organic Herbicides – They are the ideal option that should come in as a last result when the first two only get you so far in killing weeds. Most of these herbicides are made from natural ingredients such as citric acid and fatty acids among other compounds. You can get the herbicides from the local garden or farming supply stores. Just make sure you know the type of weeds the herbicide kills so that you avoid spending money on the wrong products. Organic herbicides tend to have little adverse effects on your plants or lawn and the soil.


The above tips will work for your garden and your lawn. However, it is wise to employ these weed management tips along with a bit of crop rotation techniques that will give you ample time to deal with the weeds before the next planting. Visit for tips.