Ohio Meadville District UUA

Ohio Meadville district UUA is a member of the Unitary Universalist Association that was created in 1963. It covers most of Ohio apart from the Southwest of Ohio which is classified under Heartland District. Other clusters within Ohio Meadville district UUA include Central Ohio around Columbus, Pittsburgh and Southwestern Pennsylvania, Northwest Pennsylvania and Southwest New York, greater Cleveland area, Northwest Ohio the region of Toledo, West Virginia and Southeast Ohio and lastly the WACKY cluster which comprises of the Mid to Eastern Ohio area located between Columbus and Cleveland. In total, the Ohio Meadville district UUA is made up of 46 congregations in that area.

It is noteworthy that districts that make up the Unitary Universalist Association sometimes form unofficial regions of which the Ohio Meadville district UUA lies within the Central East Regional group. Consequently, the Ohio Meadville district UUA voted in 2016 to officially dissolve along with the district of St. Lawrence in favor of the unification of the Central East Region. Once the Joseph Priestley district and the Metro New York district dissolve the Central East Region will be officially established and recognized by the Unitary Universalist Association.

The leadership of the Ohio Meadville district UUA comprises of Laura Howe as the president, David Strickler as Vice President, Laura Conkle as Secretary, Cal Frye as Treasurer and Mark Weber, Mary Desmone and Donald Zeilman as members of the board. The Ohio Meadville district UUA is notable for having pioneered a lay leadership program that was adopted in 1976 whereby congregants who were eager to serve in a long-term commitment to the congregation needed training and support. The program formerly known as the Commissioned Lay Leadership was later adopted by the Central East Region and renamed Commissioned Lay Ministry and the members who serve in the program called Commissioned Lay Ministers (CLM). The Ohio Meadville district UUA has guidelines for paying the CLMs for services such as sermons, weddings, memorials and funerals, workshop facilitation and other seminal meetings.

There are unique programs run under different departments within Ohio Meadville district UUA such as the popular Regional Youth Programs conducted at the Ohio Meadville district Summer Institute. The Institute not only does youth programs but also organizes conferences for all ages with age-specific programs that are based on new themes for each summer. The Ohio Meadville Youth Adult Committee is largely responsible for organizing youth conferences and are planned within its committee meetings. The Youth Adult Committee in Ohio Meadville district UUA largely draws its membership and leadership from the Junior High and Senior High Cons and also from the lay leadership ministry for oversight.