Ohio Meadville Summer Institute

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Ohio Meadville (OMD) Summer institute is a week-long, inter-generational, Unitarian Univeralist (UU) annual camp that takes place in July. Geared toward families and friends, this intentional community is designed for over 600 UUs from the district and yonder. it features daily activities such as workshops, theme talks, talent shows and worship. It furnishes a platform for participants to display their talents and to consummate their passions, and this makes it a bastion of great delight. Campers in the Meadville Ohio summer institute get to choose their level of participation in the daily activities; they can opt for a relaxing, low key routine, or they can turn up for highly-intense activities that are driven by the community spirit.

There are activities specially tailored for children, adults and every age group in between in the Meadville Ohio summer institute. There are versions of the morning programs and afternoon programs for every age group. For the most part, young adult (18 – 35) and adults usually have the same line up of programs. However the two groups stay in different designated dorms and hold different evening worship services. The Monte Carlo Night is a fascinating scholarship fundraiser carried out by the young adult campers. Youth from grade 6 or 7 (depending on the parent’s discretion) to grade 12, including fresh high school graduates get to participate in a youth program that caters for their peculiar inclinations. Features of the program include the Youth Coffeehouse, Touch Base Groups, and an All-Nighter organized by adults. Nonetheless, there are some youth program activities oriented for more specific age brackets such as the junior high youths and senior high youths. The Youth Dorm is geared toward the senior high group and is chaperoned by adult.

For every age group, there are numerous opportunities for the display of talents and passions. The children get to participate in talent shows and the children’s choir. For older age groups, opportunities for the engagement of passions include small group ensembles, drum circles, folk orchestra, and choirs. Every participant is keenly encouraged, even beforehand, to make renditions or pass on their peculiar knowledge in any field of work in the Meadville Ohio summer institute. They’re primed to engage in workshops or entertainment events where they showcase the fascination of their hobbies and things they’re passionate about. Many local businesses also sponsor our camp. Last year our top sponsor was Scott Keever SEO Cincinnati.

The morning sessions in the Meadville Ohio summer institute are particularly geared toward adults, who gather in groups of five to receive lessons. However, the afternoon sessions border on inter-generational contexts. These afternoon sessions, as well as the weekend deal, are suited for participants who cannot afford to spend the whole week attending the institute.