Ohio Meadville

Ohio-Meadville is a district of the Unitarian Universalist Association. This district contains 46 congregations. Out of these, 28 are regarded as Welcoming Congregations. The Ohio-Meadville District (OMD) was established in 1963. it actually covers all areas except Southwest Ohio, Western PA, a congregation in New York and West Virginia too. The Ohio-Meadville district was formed out of Ohio Universalist Convention and the Meadville Unitarian Conference.

Administration of the Ohio-Meadville district

This district has an administration structure which is led by some board members. The president of the district is Laura Howe, Vice President is David Strickler and Secretary is Laura Conkle. Moreover, the Treasurer is Cal Frye. There are 3 unofficial members in the board of the Ohio Meadville district administration. They are Mark Weber, Mary Desmone and Donald Zeilman.

To keep it organized, the Ohio-Meadville District has a number of rules and regulations. They are indicated clearly in the OMD ByLaws, OMD Volunteer Handbook and OMD Policies and Procedures. These are all handbooks that are provided by the district to the members.

Ohio-Meadville Programs

This district normally has some programs in it. They are designed to improve the performance of the organization while keeping members involved. Some examples of these programs are the OMD Commissioned Lay Leader Program and the Guest in Your Pulpit Program.

The Guest in Your Pulpit Program

This is a program offered by the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) which avails a listing of available personnel who are ready and willing to provide services to the organization. Examples of such personnel are seminarians, ministers, ministerial candidates and lay pulpit guests too. This program is normally utilized in the Central East Region and was established to help churches find people who are willing to provide services.

The Commissioned Lay Leader Program

This is an educational program which helps applicants to become Commissioned Lay Ministers (CLM). Interested applicants normally apply for interviews that can help them to accomplish this professional goal. Whenever an interested party makes an application, it is received by the committee chair. This officer also confirms the presence or absence of any renewal materials. Moreover, they confirm the dates and times of meetings for initial or commissioning interviews.


The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) is a spiritual group that encourages members to live out their personal values and not hide them. The organization creates spiritual communities such as the Ohio-Meadville District. These communities are open-hearted, open-minded and help members to live in justice, love and hope.