Reasons Why You Need To Replace Your Air Conditioner If It is Using R22

//Reasons Why You Need To Replace Your Air Conditioner If It is Using R22

You may have heard that the standards for refrigerants are undergoing major changes, which is forcing many business and homeowners to look closer at their existing air-conditioning units as well as having to make the decision to upgrade to systems that comply with the latest regulations.

Why Is R-22 Being Phased Out?

R-22 refrigerant which also goes by the name of AC Freon is associated with containing properties that deplete the ozone. This is the reason as to why the U.S government has taken the necessary steps to ensure that all air conditioners and heat pumps are no longer using these refrigerants. For many years R-22 has been an industry standard for central air-conditioning systems. However, today R-22 is only manufactured for repairing or maintaining existing equipment.

After the 1 January 2020, R-22 will not be manufactured nor imported into the U.S. Due to these changes, rarity of R-22 refrigerant has already resulted in a significant price increase. Central air-conditioning systems are regarded as a costly investment, yet the majority of systems usually do not last for more than 10 years.

Your air-conditioning system ideally should reduce humidity levels and run efficiently, contributing to a comfortable environment in your home. Even with sufficient maintenance, you will probably reach the stage where the system is no longer functioning as it once did to keep the environment in your home comfortable. Below are the signs you need to look out for when replacing your air conditioning unit that uses R-22 refrigerant.

• The Age Of Your System

The typical lifespan of air-conditioning systems ranges between 10 and 15 years. If you have a unit that is 10 years, or it is older, it is always a better decision to replace the unit opposed to conducting repairs that will become costly. Cooling and heating costs make up around 44% of your overall utility costs. If you are already paying above the average associated with your area, it is probably linked with your air-conditioner that is no longer running efficiently. If you have an air-conditioning system that still uses R-22, this refrigerant is in the process of being phased out to match up to the environmental-protection regulations.

If you choose to replace this refrigerant in your older system with the type that complies with the regulations, this exercise is usually costly. Since R-22 will be discontinued in the near future it is also becoming a lot harder to source. The latest air-conditioning systems have all been manufactured so that they comply with the current regulations and they are also designed in a way that they are far more energy-efficient in comparison to the older systems. The newer systems also use the right refrigerants that are a lot more eco-friendly and they release a lot less carbon emissions. When you make the choice to install your new air-conditioning system, the dramatic improvements are noticed immediately in association to the indoor air-quality in your home. In addition, a new air-conditioning system is also linked to increasing your resale value when it comes to your home. Also Read more blogs at our site .

It is normal that you may have concerns about the costs involved in replacing a portion of your overall HVAC unit. This purchase is costly and one of the biggest investments when it comes to homes. However, it is important to consider that a new system will do away with frequent repair costs. In addition, your utility bills will decrease significantly which will help you in recouping part of this investment. One of the most important benefits of replacing your air-conditioning system is that it will comply with the latest regulations and these systems are much kinder on the environment. For more details visit site.