Growth & Membership

 For additional resources around the topics of Growth and Membership we recommend:

Facebook UU Labs - if you are on facebook, consider joining one of the new UU Facebook Labs. Currently there are ones for WebsitesSocial Media, Growth, Young Adult Growth, Spirit in Practice, Adult RE, Worship, UU Evangelists and Stewardship

UUAMP (UU Association of Membership Professionals) has a resources page here: www.uuamp.org/resources

A Religion for Our Time video series highlights inspiring work in Unitarian Universalist congregations, including innovative projects relating to worship, social justice, membership, and fellowship. New episodes will be added every few weeks to this multimedia page: www.uua.org/multimedia/religion/index.shtml.

The Breakthrough Congregation Videos are now available on the UUA website. You can find them here: www.uua.org/growth/breakthrough/index.shtml

UUA Resources for Specific Sizes of Congregations. To find resources specific for your size of congregation check out the UUA sites for each size grouping:

  • If your congregation has up to 150 members, or up to about 125 at worship, please see www.uua.org/growth/small/.
  • Midsize Congregations as usually 150-550 members. Those with 150-350 members should find their resources at www.uua.org/growth/midsize. For those larger than 350, it is recommended that you use the large church resources.
  • Large congregations of 550 or more. But mid-sized congregations over 350 will find these also helpful. www.uua.org/growth/large/

Trying to figure out membership requirements and issues? The Commission on Appraisal's report Belonging looks at the different ways that UU congregations deal with these issues. Also at the UUA website is a page called "All the Docs" that has all the documents a membership committee might need.

The New UU - A Tapestry of Faith Program for Adults by Jonalu Johnstone ~ The New UU program provides important tools to help congregations welcome, orient, and integrate newcomers into their faith communities. The program addresses the needs of newcomers who want to know more about who we are and what we believe. It provides opportunities for members of your congregation to share with newcomers what it means to them to be a Unitarian Universalist. It gives newcomers a chance to examine their own personal stories in the light of our Unitarian Universalist tradition and heritage. It provides a chance for newcomers to the congregation and long-timers to connect. It provides an explicit invitation to become a member. You can find the curriculum at: www.uua.org/religiouseducation/curricula/tapestryfaith/thenew/index.shtml

The UUA has produces a Multicultural Welcome: A Resource for Greeters. This document is available as a pdf file and can be found at http://www.uua.org/multiculturalism/introduction/185469.shtml



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