Religious Education

Religious Education is a very important part of congregational life. We recommend these resources:

Small Group Ministry Resources. Many of our congregations have active small group ministry programs. The UU Small Group Ministry Network has a wealth of resources that are on or linked to at their website,www.smallgroupministry.net. If your congregation wants to learn more about this valuable program please check it out.

Guest at Your Table Materials for the Annual UUSC Guest At Your Table campaign are available online at www.uusc.org/guest. Congregations are also mailed a packet of materials.

UUCARDS is an organization of independent curricula writers. Find their information at www.uucards.org

Trying to plan special holiday services or classes? These calendars may help: Holidays on the Net has suggestions for many holidays including in depth descriptions, recipes, crafts and activities. For dates try the Interfaith Calendar Religious Tolerance site, or KU Medical Center.

Planning worship? Here are some resources to help:

Need lesson or activity ideas? Try these sites:

  • UU Service Committee sponsors the Guest At Your Table program as well as many social justice work camps and trips and provides RE resources on their current projects.
  • Teaching Tolerance has lessons and activities around conflict resolution




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