The Best Costa Rica Birding Lodges

//The Best Costa Rica Birding Lodges

If you want to have a successful birding journey in Costa Rica, look for the best accommodation. Costa Rica has more than 900 bird species making birding one of the best things to do. However, it is good that you manage time and choose the best places to bird so that you may find your target birds.

Considering the following factors will help you choose a good birding lodge that will enable you to have the best bird watching experience. Below are those factors that will help you choose the best birding lodge:

Choose The Best Birding Lodge:

-First of all, choose a lodge that is inside a protected preserve, has open areas, gardens, and forest trails. It is very good to consider the number of birds in a certain lodge before choosing a lodge.
-You should also consider the location of the accommodations from local birding areas like national parks, lakes and other reserves.
-The birding lodge you choose should be located in one of the Important Bird Areas of Costa Rica (BirdLife).
-It should be certified with sustainable practices and the Certification for Sustainable Tourism, Blue Flag Program /or Carbon Neutral.

Even though you can bird all over Costa Rica, it is good to come up with a list of the best lodges to have the best experience and Costa Rica Excursions. Here are some of the best lodges you should consider whenever you want to bird in Costa Rica:

Best Birding Lodges in Costa Rica

Rainforest Adventures Nature Lodge

Rainforest Adventures Nature Lodge
This lodge is located near the Sarapiqui River Basin is among the best lodges. Highlights at this lodge include Bare-necked umbrella bird, Great curassow, and the yellow-eared toucanet. Some of the best local hotspots to visit from this lodge include the Rangers Stations trails, the in-site trials and aerial tram, the Sarapiqui River, La Selva Field Station, Jalap lake, El Tapir and so on. Know About Traveling Costa Rica

Selva Bananito Lodge

Selva Bananito Lodge
This lodge has some of the most special birds including the rare Great jacamar. This is the best place to experience one of the biggest raptors migration in the world.

Rancho naturalista
If you want to find the Snoucap, then this is among the best bird lodges in Costa Rica. It is also one of the most specialized birding lodges in the country and has over 450 bird species in the reserve and boundaries. Local hotspots from Rancho naturalista include Tuis River Valley, Guayabo national monument, Cerro Silencio Foothill, CATIE, Tapanti, Irazu Volcano and several other locations.

Macaw Lodge

Macaw Lodge
This exclusive eco-lodge is located literally in the middle of the transitional forest of the Carara & Turrubares hills birding hot spots. This area is home to more than 500 bird species including the Blue-crowned Manakin, Scarlet maca, and the Orange-collared manakin. know more here!