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We UUs have the unfortunate habit of speaking in letters. UUA Rainbow LogoLots of UU groups and organizations have long names which are often abbreviated, and some of us who have been around for a while may forget that everyone doesn't always understand this gibberish! Here is a list of common UU acronyms that you may hear people say, or that you may read in UU publications. Many of the organizations have their own websites, which you can find links to at the UUA website. Can't find the acronym or term that's got you puzzled? Email it to us and we will give you an answer and add it to the list!

  • AIW (Action of Immediate Witness) - A policy statement approved by the General Assembly (see "GA" below) concerning a timely event or emergency
  • APIC - Asian Pacific Islander Caucus of DRUUMM (see below)
  • ARE (Allies for Racial Equality) - an organization for white allies working to end racism www.uuallies.org
  • AUUA (Association of UU Administrators) - A professional organization for congregational administrators for UU churches. Some districts have chapters of this organization for its members. www.auua.org
  • Bridging - The ceremony of when a youth "crosses over" to young adulthood. The recognition of a significant transition in life. This rite of passage is celebrated at a national ceremony at General Assembly each year, at many District Assemblies and in local congregations. Learn more and find resources at www.uua.org/religiouseducation/youngadults/47778.shtml
  • APF (Annual Program Fund) - An important source of income for the UUA; this is where the "UUA dues" the Congregation pays on your behalf go. www.uua.org/giving/apf
  • CERG - Central East Regional Group - One of the regions of the UUA. CERG is made up of the Joseph Priestley, Metro New York, Ohio-Meadville and St. Lawrence Districts. Learn more at www.cerguua.org
  • CLF (Church of the Larger Fellowship) - The "mail-order/online" church housed in Boston, for UUs who don't live near a local congregation. http://clf.uua.org
  • COA (Commission on Appraisal) - The national body that studies and evaluates the operations of the UUA. Follow what they are doing at www.uua.org/uuagovernance/committees/coa
  • COA (Coming of Age) - A rite of passage or program for children becoming youth (usually grades 6-9) and sometimes for youth becoming adults.
  • CSW (Commission on Social Witness) - The elected body of the UUA that brings social justice issues to the attention of the General Assembly. Follow what they are doing at www.uua.org/uuagovernance/committees/csw/index.shtml
  • CUC (Canadian Unitarian Council) - The organization of Canadian Unitarian and Universalist churches. www.cuc.ca
  • CUUPS (Covenant of UU Pagans) - An organization for UUs who are interested in or practice pagan or Earth-centered faiths. www.cuups.org
  • C*UUYAN (Continental Unitarian Universalist Young Adult Network) - The organization for UU Young Adults (aged 18-35). www.uuyan.org
  • CYF (Church of the Younger Fellowship) - a new division of CLF for young adults aged 18-35, includes online communities, worship and resources for this age group. www.uucyf.org
  • District - The regional subdivisions of the UUA - there are currently 19 districts.
  • DLFD (Director of Lifespan Faith Development) - An individual employed by a local congregation to administer the religious education program. This term is particularly used when the employee oversees all age levels of religious education.
  • DPA (District President's Association) - The organization of district presidents.
  • DRE (Director of Religious Education) - An individual employed by a local congregation to administer the religious education program.
  • DRUUMM (Diverse and Revolutionary Unitarian Universalist Multi-cultural Ministries) An affiliate organization of the UUA for People of Color. www.druumm.org
  • GA (General Assembly) - The annual business meeting of the UUA, to which congregations send delegates. Usually takes place the last weekend of June. www.uua.org/ga
  • GAYT (Guest At Your Table) - An annual fundraising program of the UUSC (see below). www.uusc.org/guest
  • Green Sanctuary - One that is participating in the Green Sanctuary program to help recognize environmental concerns and make our congregations more eco-friendly. www.uua.org/environment/sanctuary/index.shtml
  • HUUmanists Association - The organization of UUs interested in Humanism. www.huumanists.org
  • IARF (International Association for Religious Freedom) - An organization made up of groups from 20 different nations, of which the UUA is a member. www.iarf.net
  • ICUU (International Council of Unitarians and Universalists) An organization of Unitarian and Universalist societies from around the world. www.icuu.net
  • Interweave - An organization for LGBT UUs and their allies working for justice and to counteract oppression based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Some congregations have Interweave chapters.
  • JPD (Joseph Priestley District) - A district of the UUA, which includes eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, northern Virginia and D.C. Part of the Central East Regional Group. www.jpduua.org
  • JTW (Journey Toward Wholeness) - The UUA effort to find and eliminate institutional racism in our denomination and congregations. www.uua.org/multiculturalism/history/jtw/index.shtml
  • LFD (Lifespan Faith Development) - The term used for lifespan religious education programs and committees and professionals who work with them. The name of the UUA Staff Group responsible for religious education.
  • LREDA (Liberal Religious Educators Association) - The professional organization of religious educators. Most districts have a chapter of this organization for its religious educators. www.lreda.org
  • LUUNA (Latina/o UU Networking Association) - An organization that connects UUs of Hispanic descent and promotes UUism in the Latino community. www.luuna.org
  • Metro NY - A district of the UUA, which includes the metropolitian area of New York City, northern New Jersey and a few congregations in Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Part of the Central East Regional Group. www.uumetrony.org
  • MFC (Ministerial Fellowship Committee) - The body of ministers and laypeople who evaluate candidates for the UU ministry. www.uua.org/uuagovernance/committees/mfc/index.shtml
  • MRE (Minister of Religious Education) - A minister who specializes in Religious Education.
  • OBGLTC (Office of Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Concerns) - The UUA department organized to help educate people and establish local groups regarding issues of sexual orientation and gender identity, now called  Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Ministries. www.uua.org/directory/staff/multiculturalgrowth/lesbiangay
  • OMD (Ohio-Meadville District) - A district of the UUA, which includes West Virginia, western Pennsylvania, most of Ohio and a small piece of western New York. Part of the Central East Regional Group. www.ohiomeadville.org
  • OWL (Our Whole Lives) - A life-span sexuality curriculum created by the UUA and United Church of Christ. www.uua.org/religiouseducation/curricula/ourwhole
  • PCC (Partner Church Council) - A group that works to connect North American UU congregations with churches in the rest of the world, especially in Eastern Europe. www.uupcc.org
  • RE (Religious Education) - Education regarding religious issues. Lifespan Faith Development is the current term commonly used for this.
  • SAI (Study-Action Issue) - A topic selected by the General Assembly for long-term study by UU congregations; may develop into a SOC (see below)
  • SLD (Saint Lawrence District) - A district of the UUA, which includes all of New York state except New York City. Part of the Central East Regional Group. http://sld.uua.org
  • SOC (Statement of Conscience) - A major policy statement and philosophical "stand" taken by the General Assembly, usually related to a social justice issue, which guides the work of the UUA Administration.
  • Threshold Congregations - A growth program for congregations in the Central East Regional Group. For more information visit the Threshold Congregations page.
  • UUA (Unitarian Universalist Association) - The association of all the Unitarian Universalist congregations in the US; also used to refer to the UUA headquarters in Boston. www.uua.org
  • UUADP (UUs for Alternatives to the Death Penalty) - An organization of people who are concerned about the death penalty www.uuadp.org
  • UUAMP (UU Association of Membership Professionals) - An organization of professional membership staff members in UU congregations to help support and promote growth in our congregations. This organization is new and just formed in 2011. Find them at www.uuamp.org
  • UUBF (UU Buddhist Fellowship) - A group of UUs who are interested in Buddhism and Buddhist practice.www.uubf.org
  • UUCF (UU Christian Fellowship) - A group for UUs who identify themselves as Christians. www.uuchristian.org
  • UUDPR (UUs for Drug Policy Reform) - A new group for UUs who are concerned about the "war on drugs." www.uudpr.org
  • UUETA (UUs for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) - Now known as the UU Animal Ministry. The UU version of PETA. www.uuam.org
  • UUJA (UUs for Jewish Awareness) - An organization for UUs who are interested in Judaism or are of Jewish descent. www.uuja.org
  • UUJEC (UUs for a Just Economic Community) - A group for UUs who are concerned about economic justice, racism, and discrimination. www.uujec.org
  • UULTI - (UU Leadership Training Institute) - A project of CERG, this is a leadership school to train congregational leaders that occurs each summer either as several weekend events or a week long event. Learn more on the UULTI pages.
  • UUMA (UU Ministers Association) - An organization for UU ministers. Most districts have a chapter of this organization for its ministers. www.uuma.org
  • UUMeN (UU Men's Network) - An organization of UUs interested in men's issues, and of congregational men's groups. uumensnet.org
  • UUMFE (Unitarian Universalist Ministry for the Earth) - A group dedicated to fulfilling the seventh principle. This group originated the Green Sanctuary program, which is now overseen by the UUA www.uumfe.org
  • UUMN (UU Musicians' Network) - A group for UU musicians and composers. www25.uua.org/uumn
  • UUNIA (UU Network on Indigenous Affairs) - A group of UUs working for greater justice for Native Americans.
  • UUPC (UU Poets' Cooperative) - An organization and publishing concern for UU poets .www.puddinghouse.com/unitarian.html#OnpageWhatIs
  • UUSC (UU Service Committee) - An organization, independent of the UUA, that works for social justice around the globe. www.uusc.org
  • UU-UNO (UU-United Nations Office) - An associate organization for the purpose of representing the UUA to the United Nations and keeping UU's informed about the United Nations and what they are doing. www.uu-uno.org
  • UUWF (UU Women's Federation) - An organization which represents women's concerns within the UUA. www.uuwf.org
  • YA (Youth Advisor) - An adult who works with youth in a youth group at a congregation.
  • YAC (Youth Adult Committee) - The body of youth and adults that administers youth activities in a district or a congregation.
  • YRUU (Young Religious Unitarian Universalists) - An organization for UU youth (ages 14-20). www.uua.org/religiouseducation/youth



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